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Getting it right the first time

The first step to making a change in the right direction for your business is having the right supports behind you. Finding someone who holds a genuine interest in your day to day operations is vital. Canadian Collision Specialist is here with the sole intent of having repairs done correctly and getting compensated fairly for them. The collision industry has morphed into a machine that many of us would never have thought was possible. From the OEM technological advancements to the business development of banner corporations to the specialty custom market. Regardless of your position in all of these advancements, all of us are here to perform collision repairs correctly, fairly, and equitably.  A second set of eyes can, at times, help shed some light on the simplest tasks that can make monumental differences. This is what Canadian Collision Specialist has to offer. 

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The changing world we live in.

The collision industry has changed significantly in as little as 5 years, drastically over the last 10-15 years. These changes are not going to stop. These are advancements that have been put in place to enhance safety to automobile operators and bystanders. Our industry has been handed the responsibility to put these vehicles back into "pre-accident condition" This is a monumental responsibility that can not be taken lightly by any of the participants, be it repairers, owners or insurers. 

A direct approach 

Are you up to date with the technology and the processes to run a great shop? Are you looking to make that adjustment to your business, taking it to the next level? Are your technicians on board with stepping it up a notch?  Are you ready to embrace 3D measuring, blueprinting,  SOP ideologies, front end approach to estimating, focusing on your KPI's and what it takes to get you there. You don't need to re-invent the wheel, just align and balance the steering of your business. 

Is it time to consider a consultant? Here are some indicators.....

-Accepting there is a need for adjustment in your operations

- Your KPI's are telling you something

- You have no idea what your KPI's are

- You are seeing poor touch time with too many returns

- struggle with OEM procedures

- LOR is out of control

- Insurance relations are strained

.....then it is time to contact us for a discussion on solutions.

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