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Running a Collision Repair business is not an easy task and being a business owner or manager comes with its fair share of challenges, one of which is technician standards and qualifications. Having a service provider in the field of technical training and support such as Canadian Collision Specialist can take the technical burden off your plate. This allows you to concentrate with confidence on securing more repairs for your capable staff, feeling secure in knowing they have the tools to complete them properly.

During the sessions Canadian Collision Specialist strives to check for understanding of the process. The coaching sessions are conducted in small group settings allowing for an increased personal application. Everyone learns, comprehends, processes, and retains information at a different pace. The personal setting allows for an eye level approach to training. All of us start at the beginning of anything we tackle, these sessions are no different. Time and patience are of the essence. Years of conducting sessions at all types of skill sets has set the tone for success with these training opportunities

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