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Welcome to our world

This is Canadian Collision Specialist's first blog, welcome all. The reason I have begun this online venture is to bring some key industry aspects to light.Yes I realize that there is an influx of information at our disposal with social media paving the way for access to public knowledge of all things complicated. This area will be a place to get short "tid-bits" of information of what is going on in the collision world with a Canadian flair to it, after all this is where we are. At times this will house content of a technical nature, at times it will be a place to see a new statistic, and at times it will be a place for me to share with you my opinion, to which you are entitled to. As we progress with this online venture, I will be looking for input and comments from readers, suggestions of topics, and of course your opinions as well. One step at a time. Lets just start with a welcome to our blog


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